Affordable apartment rental in downlown center of Zagreb, Croatia

Downtown Rental Apartment “Trenk”. A Charming Oasis in the Heart of Zagreb: Your Tranquil Urban Retreat

Welcome to a new apartment for short-term rent nestled in the heart of Zagreb, where historic charm meets modern comfort. Imagine a tranquil haven where privacy and serenity embrace you, yet everything you desire is just a leisurely stroll away.

Your adventure begins with a seamless self-check-in, as a secure safe-box awaits you, unlocking the doors to your urban retreat. As per local regulations, we kindly ask you to present a valid government ID upon check-in, allowing you to become a cherished guest registered with our e-visitor system.

Step into this enchanting 60 sqm haven, a ground-floor gem within a heritage building dating back to 1899. Positioned in the vibrant Lower Town of Zagreb, this haven welcomes you with open arms. Tucked away from bustling streets, its vantage point within the courtyard shields you from urban clamor.

Indulge in the luxurious spaciousness that greets you, adorned with barrel ceilings that whisper tales of times gone by. Ascend the inviting staircase and immerse yourself in a realm of comfort and style. Here, an inviting living room beckons, a warm embrace where memories will be made. Savor the camaraderie of friends around a charming round table, or sink into the embrace of a cozy sofa, your gateway to cable TV entertainment and lightning-fast wireless internet.

As the sun gently casts its golden glow, traverse into the culinary heart of your dwelling – a petite yet fully-equipped kitchenette. A stove adorned with two electric burners, a microwave oven, electric kettle, and a toaster stand ready to weave gastronomic magic. Should your culinary aspirations ignite, essential companions like oil, vinegar, coffee, and tea await your creative touch. And for moments of ease, a dishwasher stands at your service, tidying up your creations.

Slumber awaits in two dreamy bedrooms, each an enclave of tranquility. The master bedroom cradles you in a king-sized haven, accompanied by a charming work desk, standing mirror, and a capacious wardrobe to house your stylish ensembles. Across the threshold lies the smaller bedroom, a cozy cocoon featuring a queen bed and a clothes rail to caress your attire.

For the lovers of modern living, rest assured that the apartment is adorned with freshly acquired furniture, artfully blending modern aesthetics with the timeless elegance of the past. The whispers of history carried in the building’s natural materials – brick, clay, and reed – blend seamlessly with your contemporary abode.

Immerse yourself in revitalizing showers within a walk-in haven adorned with gleaming tiles. A toilet and a small drying rack stand ready to serve, joined by a trusty washer/dryer to ensure your garments dance with freshness. Indulge in premium toiletries, soaps, shampoos, and a plethora of towels, each size catering to your distinct needs.

The crown jewel of the master bedroom boasts a double bed, a sanctuary of respite after a day of exploration. Gaze into the full-figure mirror and prepare for your urban escapades, or invigorate your senses with an indoor exercise bike. For the industrious souls, a home office table stands at your service, offering both inspiration and functionality. And to cradle your treasures, a safe deposit box ensures their safety.

The smaller bedroom morphs from a day-bed to a queen-sized haven, cradling you in the arms of peaceful slumber. A shelf with a clothes rail and hangers cater to your organizational needs, while air conditioning bestows a gentle caress during warmer days. Fear not the chilly nights, for adjustable central heating envelops you in warmth.

Ventilation becomes your ally in this oasis, as the dance of fresh air ensures an optimal atmosphere. Embrace the charming ritual of tilting open windows to greet the world, enhancing the ambiance without compromising comfort. The robust walls cocoon you in cozy warmth, complemented by the embrace of central heating.

Gaze upon the charming shared backyard, an idyllic canvas to air-dry your laundry beneath the benevolent gaze of the sun. Feel the simple joy of basking in its warmth as your garments sway in the gentle breeze, an intimate connection with nature amidst the urban tapestry.

This abode is yours to claim, a non-shared sanctuary where every nook and cranny invites exploration and comfort. Feel at ease, indulging in the full spectrum of this enchanting haven.

Before your journey commences, heed a few simple notes. The elixir of life, tap water, flows pure and safe for your enjoyment. Embrace eco-consciousness and let only toilet paper grace the porcelain throne. A safeguard for your treasures, the loss of keys bears a fee of €50.

For our cherished guests traveling with young adventurers, a baby crib or high chair awaits upon your request. To preserve the pristine beauty of this dwelling, we kindly ask that you refrain from smoking within its walls.

Safety and security weave through every fiber of this sanctuary. A resolute metal theft-proof door stands guard at the entrance, promising you peace of mind and tranquility.

Embark on a journey where history intertwines with modernity, where urban energy meets secluded solace. Your Zagreb adventure awaits, where every moment becomes a cherished memory within these welcoming walls.

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