Niche Parfumerija LANA Zagreb

Niche Parfumery LANA, Zagreb

Niche Parfumery LANA, Zagreb

One of the most precise definitions for niche perfumes I have read in the Lushovo’s brochure on the occasion of the launch of the new line of Gorilla Perfumes: “Unique alternative to traditional perfumes for the mass market.” Niche perfumes are intended for anyone who refuses to smell “like anyone, on any of the Kai”, how he likes to say one obsessive niche.

This cookie perfume slowly but surely is becoming a bigger cake. In Zagreb already there are some oasis of perfumed niche, of which the most famous is the recently opened Lana niche parfumery, appendix in the oldest perfume on the soil of the former Juge with new, exquisite brands such as Histoires de Parfums.

Croatian women and the Croats are more than just the magic of niche perfume, and rightly so, because the spring of 2013. in this exclusive niche it smells great.

The artisan Parfumeur Announces Calignu, whose name on the Provencal means chef. And that’s exactly what you’ll do when you experience it for the first time: the fig tree you sit and jam from Jasmine, sprinkled with herbarium of the Sage, and the rest of Provence herbs. It will surely appeal to fans Diptyque’s fig.

First entry comes from one of the most famous New York niche perfumes, so well known that it is deserved and its perfume. Aedes de Venustas (lat. Temple of Beauty) “trade” is the smell of the brand and creation of Bertrand Duchaufoura, one of the most sought after bloody noses of today, which is the atmosphere, the decor and the spirit of this mythical perfumery failed to translate into the bottle.

The creations of the French brand Histoires de Parfums are inspired by personalities, moments and cult sites that have marked history. Perfume Music Hall – The Parfum pays tribute to the Paris Olympia Concert Hall. What it smells like Olympia, can tell us those who have performed there, from Edith Piaf and the Beatles, across the Madonna and Lady Gaga all the way to our Teresa. If we are to believe fragrance, it smells like the CNT Zagreb: hundreds of Ms with fine vintage perfume and reflectors that heated the metal on the stage, with the musky scent of velvet in the boxes with a little Hairspray.

For all that listed sounds too “Western” -oriented, Serge Lutens has a new fragrance, La Fille du Berlin (daughter of Berlin) who, although inspired by the charm of his native town of Marlene Dietrich, smells like a traditional Oriental lutensovski, juicy and dark but catchy.

For those advanced, who think this is all just too “lame”, there are the Amouage and others.