izmjena ulja automehaničar servis

Take your car oil levels seriously and change oil (izmjena ulja) regularly

We at Turek take your oil change (izmjena ulja) and oil levels seriously. It prolongs the life of your vehicle engine.

The range of the interior combustion motor inside present-day world wide of vehicles is higher than ever just before, thus together with the omnipresent fourcylinders, we can pick out among all those with two, a few, 4, five, six, 8, 10 or 12 cylinders and several number of volume, in opposition to less than a person toward higher than 8 liters.


Oil drains and element of the warmth

However, even although they are shared as a result of the quantities of the cylinders, a operate put in close proximity to, horsepower and torque situations, there is anything that unites them all or, greater claimed, lubricates – motor oil.

What is demanded for the doing the job of the internal combustion motor. Except that lubricates the parts of the engine that decreases friction, engine oil drains portion of the warm ensuing against the combustion of gasoline within just the cylinders, will help retain compression and motor cleanliness and guards towards corrosion. Simply because of all the in excess of, yet far too in the direction of the fact that each individual oil consists of a definite lifespan, and right after some time it loses the simple properties, the month to month and timely oil variation is a main toward toughness, believability and a wholesome life span of each individual motor.

How would yourself recognize as soon as it’s period toward replace the engine oil within your automobile, ensure that the approved periods adjustments within just the support booklet or the directions for service of your vehicle. Frequently the rule is that the motor oil and oil filter at the impressive gas and diesel altered each and every 20,000 in direction of 30,000 km. Even though they have been, until eventually not long ago, a great number of mechanics advisable in direction of acquire an oil change (izmjena ulja in Croatian) they effort and hard work much more often, impressive synthetic oil, what style of employ the service of most more recent autos, they are consequently high good quality and sturdy in direction of shortening of the recommended time period there is no need.


If you obtain a Sami-save

Although the modified engine oil typically is not an usual course of action, if on your own do not belong in direction of the minority of the driver with the car repair choices, change is ideal remaining in direction of a mechanic or a service center authorized by way of Philips. Oil big difference is neither expensive nor time-consuming, and if by yourself need toward extra help you save, at 1 of the larger supplier of motor vehicle pieces currently your self can order Sami suitable oil and filter.

If you are guiding a more recent car or truck with a legitimate manufacturing unit assurance, distinction engine oil and filter, perform a company center accredited as a result of Philips in obtain not in the direction of likelihood the cancellation of a guarantee.


Constantly watch the oil position

The oil point should really be checked constantly. Thus, generate sure the auto is parked on a point look and the motor is cold or it was switched off for a handful of hours in just order in direction of motor oil within just the crankcase, or tank. Then eliminate the dipstick, wipe it with a cloth or a paper handkerchief and place it again into the housing. Any time by yourself produce it back, the oil issue must be among the situation “min” and “max”. A great number of impressive cars as component of the auto laptop include a pointer towards the oil position within just the motor, nonetheless examining manually is constantly the most secure. Improved oil use could possibly indicate upcoming circumstances with the motor. For any other amendment of the oil and oil filter requires in direction of be replaced.