modular-outdoor sport surface flooring installation

Modular Outdoor Sports Surfaces in modern sports events

KlikFlex® modular sports surfaces are produced using the most advanced technology to provide a comfortable, safe surface ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces as well as for sports grounds and sports fields. KlikFlex sports surface reduces fatigue of players, allows a better bounce of the ball and the remarkable results in the game.

Vivid colors make it perfect for your favorite sports or outdoor activity. Due to its characteristics and durability makes it ideal for all sports with the ball. It’s perfect for both new and old decrepit substrate.

The tiles also help in covering up cracks on old surfaces and provide many years of maintenance-free playing without investing in repairs. As such, it is ideal for the revival of the old asphalt or concrete.

Symmetric and geometric pitting of the lower part of the base of the tiles is also a drainage system and controlled by a very high dimensional stability of the substrate which makes KlikFlex® surface for all weather conditions.



For comparison, the PVC contains about 30% of the mass of the elements of chlorine (cl) in its basic structure.

Like all halogens, chlorine is a dangerous substance in the environment. PVC is thermally unstable and may even degrade during processing. Polypropylene is much more resistant to heat; even under extreme conditions it will only degrade to lower molecular weight: paraffin, which are compatible with the elemental base material. Not only is the PVC in its dangerous inherent in basic form, but needs a large amount of lead to make it stabilize. The lead is very toxic and during the life cycle of the product and after sales service. This is the reason why the lead or other heavy metals are not used in the production of polypropylene panels.

Polypropylene panels are manufactured from propylene monomer, a relatively safe gas, which is a waste by-product of the oil industry, which was once burning and contributing to the emission greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. As a consequence, the greater the use of polypropylene in the products helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In contrast, the monomeric unit, which makes the component parts of a PVC, it is very toxic. As a final result these surfaces have strict guidelines for its proper handling, because it is very dangerous for transport and storage. There are many studies about negative health effects on workers exposed to PVC monomers.

A further problem with flexible PVC is that flexibility and softness they must induce by adding large amounts of the laminating machine, phthalates, at a concentration of 30-50%. Phthalates can be carcinogenic, or affect the endocrine activity in humans. Make it mimicking the female hormone estrogen, which causes biological imbalance in people, as it is with other products. These plasticizers are mobile by nature, and therefore are moving. They are excreted into the environment during long-term storage, and in soil after the final disposal. ‘ Mist ‘, which builds up on the windshields of the cars that contain PVC border, evidence of a migration of the laminating machine. Another proof of this instability can be seen where the print from a document on PVC or cover migrated folder in which the document is stored. It is impossible to get these effects appear in polypropylene. The materials of the soft blend get their softness and flexibility from the molecular structure of the material, which is stable, and not from any migration of additives.

The tiles are merging together effortlessly what the installation makes it extremely simple. Six separate locking points keep the tile flat and securely on the floor which allows for consistently and uniformly rejection of footballs.

KlikFlex® tiles have a revolutionary blend for spreading with a mechanism that allows the springs tension reverse slowly move from one side to the other as these tiles for playgrounds gives better and more sideways bending than our competitors.

The time-dilation joints and spring mechanisms between the tiles allow you to treasure move from one side to the other which means less burden on joints and lower back. KlikFlex® design also allows for slightly vertically gives that further reduces the pressure on the joints. This built-in bending makes KlikFlex® one of the safest and healthiest area for sports fields on the market today.