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Niacinamide also known as B3 vitamine and its usage in cosmetics

Niacine (niacinamide) or vitamin B3 is otherwise located in two forms: as a Nicotinic Acid (niacin, vitamin B3) and like you, Hamid acid-NICOTINAMIDE (NIACINAMID, vitamin PP). They are soluble in water. Nicotinic Acid is the most commonly used in the prophylaxis and treatment of pelagre.
Vitamin B3 form the pyridine. Nicotinic Acid is a white powder crystal which is melting in hot water and glycerol, and low melting in the Aether and chloroform. NICOTINAMIDE is also the white crystal powder, but easily melts in the water and glycerol, and difficult in the Aether and chloroform.
The main source of this vitamin are making foods such as. meat, liver, eggs, milk, fish, potatoes, green vegetables and yeast. Recommended daily allowance (RDA) are not strictly defined and vary in the range of 15-20 mg.
Nicotinic Acid and NICOTINAMIDE are functioning in the body after translation into NICOTINAMIDE adenine dinucleotide (OVER) or NICOTINAMIDEadenine dinucleotide -phosphate (NADP). OVER and NADP are the coenzymes of numerous enzymes involved in cellular respiration, the creation of adenosine (ATP) TP etc. Serve as a acceptors of hydrogen in dehidrogenatic reactions. Otherwise this vitamin helps to keep the digestive system and relieves gastrointestinal intestinal disorders, and gives the skin a healthier appearance.
The deficiency of Nicotinic Acid leads to a disease known as pellagra. Then comes the change of the skin which is exposed to light (peeling, itching), in the lining of the digestive tract (diarrhea) and in the central nervous system (dementia). Pellagra is often referred to as 3D because the disease is characterized by dermatitis, diarrhea, and dementia. It occurs frequently in people whose diet is low in protein, and it is most common in chronic alcoholics. Still greater amounts of Nicotinic Acid, unlike nicotinamide, can be toxic.
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