Hidrokolon terapija u Zagrebu

Hydrocolon (hidrokolon) therapy in Zagreb

Hydrocolon has recently been popularized as an alternative therapy, since many Hollywood stars started using it. So what is it about?

Imagine your guts as a long tube with many twists and pockets. Those guts are made to extract all useful food parts and battle with bacteria. But with years many of those bacteria and decayed leftovers get stuck in those gut pockets and twists. So after some time the body has to invest more effort into battling more and more bacteria. Hydrocolon therapy (hidrokolon) is a healthy type of enema. This ayurveda treatment uses medical ozone to enrich already sterilized water for more healthier procedure. People who have done this hydrocolon procedure have seen an increase in their overall well being same as reduction of acne, reduction in gastric problems and symptoms same as many other benefits and health improvements. The procedure itself is done within an hour and for most people is a pleasant experience. I presonally urge you to try it as there are many obvious health benefits to it.