What to do in case of winter tire defect

Car tire defect on a holiday trip? As the advance in technology, mobility and transportation progressed so did the separate parts such as car tires. As car tires became what they are now it allowed us to travel faster and to greater distances. That’s why many people go to their vacation by personal car, RV or with trailer.

Now imagine going on holiday of your dreams, with your own car to a different country, and ending up with flat tire. What would you do. If that happens in Croatia you can always take yellow pages and flip it to find appropriate tire repair shop. Since you need same car tire like others you already have on your car you need to buy the same. But real issue is that most of those workshop employees barely speak any foreign language. Now try to get yourself explaining what type of car tire you need to an employee that doesn’t completely understand what you are asking for. That’s why best winter tires (zimske gume) are found at Gumeks in Zagreb where personnel can easily understand you. In case you are at the seaside or on the vacation in Croatia Gumeks can even ship the tires to the tire repair shop (locally called: “vulkanizer”) near you. Shipment usually lasts only a few days and every shipment has insurance and tracking number. My customer experience with Gumeks was great. In case of such car emergency, I strongly recommend them.